Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Bishop's Home Gets a "Heart Attack" for Valentine's Day

The B7 Primary Activity Day girls, with the help of their leaders, gave the home of Bishop Mike Bair a "heart attack" celebrating Valentine's Day on the afternoon of Monday, February 13, 2017.  The girls - Sarah Larson, Alanis Taylor, Grace Christensen, Lexie Broberg, Maeven Taylor, Jayni (one of Grace's friends), Olivia Kerr, Lucy Christensen, Jaselle Mills, Emma Aldredge and Phoebe Adams - had so much fun making hearts with sweet messages and delivering cookies to the Bishop they all love.  Thanks to Sisters Donna Ortiz, Anita Sterner, Tami Sevier and Elaine Christensen who helped make this activity a success.  Happy Valentine's Day ... everyone!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Primary Pajama Party Provides Practically Perfect Pancakes

B7 Ward's annual Primary Pajama Party on January 28 was a big hit.  The children made bookmarks and enjoyed delicious pancakes with maple syrup, whipped cream and fresh fruit. Thanks to all the teachers who showed up and helped; and a special thanks to Sisters Rebecca Larson and Maureen Taylor for their amazing organizational skills and for making about 90 pancakes to feed little hungry mouths. Everyone had a great time!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Young Women Enjoy New Beginnings

On the cold winter night of Wednesday, January 18, B7 Ward’s Young Women and their leaders gathered for their annual “New Beginnings” program – where four new Young Women were welcomed and where leaders had the opportunity to express love for the young women and parents were encouraged to help their daughters in completing their Personal Progress program. 

Primary girls who will soon become members of the Beehive class are Alanis Taylor, daughter of Adam and Maureen Taylor, who will turn 12 on February 28; Sarah Larson, youngest of Aaron and Rebecca Larson’s five children, who will join the YW program in late March ; Olivia Kerr, youngest child of Charlie and Sarah Kerr who will join the Beehive class at the end of June; and Grace Christensen, oldest child of Eric and Kimberly Christensen, who will come into the program in mid-October.

Speaking to the theme of “Ask” (based on James 1:5-6) YW President Jill Fraser showed an “antique” rotary phone and explained its use, reminding the girls and their parents, “the Lord is always ready to answer your call.  All you need to do is ask.”

Also speaking to those assembled was Bishop Mike Bair who reminded the girls about the power of prayer and the importance of using it to communicate with our Father in Heaven.  "As we use our phones to talk with friends and loved ones here in our earthly existence, we need to use our heavenly phone - prayer - to talk to our Heavenly Father.  He desperately wants to talk to each of us!"

Thanks to YW leaders, President Jill Fraser, 1st Counselor Kim Christensen, 2nd Counselor Shar Simkins, Secretary Katie Christensen, Laurel Advisor Joy Alldredge, Mia Maid Advisor Angelica Lancaster, Beehive Advisor Susan Foley, and Personal Progress Advisor Robin Walden.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Primary Activity Days Celebrate Holidays with Fun and Service

After November and December Activity Day lessons on service to others, the B7 Primary girls made blankets and decorated cookies, took a fruit basket and sang to a family to brighten their holiday.

Activity Days - led twice a month by Donna Ortiz, Anita Sterner, Tami Sevier and Elaine Christensen - are fun and entertaining activities for Primary children, ages 8-11 to help build testimonies, strengthen families and foster unity and personal growth by supporting the work done at home to fulfill Faith in God requirements.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Rest in Peace, Ken Lynn

Kenneth Fred Lynn, our friend, neighbor, longtime member of the B7 Ward and the patriarch of his family, passed away quietly in his Bloomington home on Monday, December 26, 2017 with his family at his side after a courageous battle against cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

Born in Mona, UT in the summer of 1933, during the worst year of the Great Depression, Ken was the oldest of six children all who grew up on a farm where they learned the value of hard work and taking responsibility for their actions. 

At the age of 4, Ken accompanied his parents to Salt Lake City, presumably on a shopping trip where – in the big city about 77 miles from home – he became separated from Mom and Dad.  Without hesitation, he walked to the train tracks and began heading south.  About ten miles from where he had “misplaced” his family, he grew tired and was found by a kind-hearted woman who called the police.  Eight hours after he went missing, the youngster and his worried parents were reunited.

After graduation from Juab High School, he took a job as a ballistic meteorologist at Dugway Proving Grounds for one year, then joined the U. S. Army and served two years in Korea.  

After his discharge in 1954, he moved to Phoenix to attend school.  It was in Scottsdale where he chose his career path as a car salesman … and where he met Dorla Dean McFarland, who stood by his side for almost 48 years.  They were married in 1969 and were later sealed in the Manti LDS Temple. 

They then moved to Reno where Ken was general manager of the Ford agency for eight years, during which time he was named #1 Ford dealer in his district in 1974 and again in 1975.  In St. George, he opened and operated Lynn’s Auto Sales for twenty years.  To his friends and customers, Ken was always known as a hardworking, successful and generous man.  Upon his retirement, he had spent 50 years in the car business.

More than anything, Ken loved his family, including 5 children,19 grandchildren, 32 greats and 2 great-greats. His favorite things to do were dancing with his daughter Kendra or giving her horseback rides on his shoulders; classic movies, long road trips; country music (especially Patsy Cline); Disneyland and/or Knott’s Berry Farm; any kind of sports where his children, grandchildren – or BYU - were playing; holidays with the whole family present; family traditions, Christmas Eve parties; backyard bonfires; and Dorla, who he “treasured and made sure she knew it!”

His favorite hobby was golf – especially playing at courses in Branson, MO and Bella Vista, AK - and, for which he won several tournaments and made five holes-in-one in Reno and St. George!

Brother Lynn will be missed among those in his family and the community.  Condolences to Sister Dorla and the rest of the Lynn family.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Relief Society Celebrates Christmas

"Breathtaking" perhaps best describes the beautiful decorations at the B7 Ward Relief Society party on Thursday evening! Thanks to all who worked so hard to create this amazing and fun Christmas celebration - Debb Johnson, Bonnie Sorenson, Lain Carter, Roena Soleai, Linda Lowe (made tons of delicious homemade rolls), adorable Primary children, Katie Christensen, Taj Becker, (beautiful cello music) Brittney Munk, Karin Smith, Kim Jorgensen, Robin Walden, Andrea Luikart and all who made delicious food!


Unique fluffy snowflakes fall from above
Each carries a message of hope and of love.

Apart, they are cold and shrivel so tight
Void of the friendships they seek on their flight

Together, they knit such a beautiful sight,
Covering the earth with a blanket of white.

We, like the snowflakes, are miracles unique
With special gifts many others will seek

Alone, we may wander and soon become weak,
Forgetting the promises we desired so to keep.

All of God's daughters-a mighty force from above
Knit together, we blanket the earth with God's love.

-Vera Bakker
(Bonnie Sorenson's mother wrote this just for our Relief Society Christmas party)

As we entered the cultural hall, sisters were treated to cello music played by Katie Fielding and Taj Becker.

Sisters brought delicious soups, salads and cookies and Linda Lowe provided a heavenly aroma of her fresh-baked, delicious dinner rolls as we entered.  We played a "getting to know you better" activity, had dinner and then enjoyed our team building game of decorating a sister at each table as a snowman! Each table was provided with a bag of the same items to create a snowman in six minutes. (One table chose to have a melting snowman!)

Oh, and the hot chocolate bar!  It was truly gourmet, with selections of milk or dark chocolate, assorted sprinkles and flavorings and whipped cream. The presentation was a delight in and of itself.

The evening was capped of with a beautiful number sung by some of our precious Primary children and we later joined with them in song.

Our Relief Society is filled with such talented, giving and loving women! 

B7 Ward Celebrates Christmas, 2016

Breakfast with Santa Claus was a new theme for the annual B7 Ward Christmas Party held on Saturday, December 3, but ward members seemed to enjoy the early morning opportunity to gather together to celebrate the season.  

The breakfast repast was yummy with pancakes, scrambled eggs, crispy delicious and plentiful bacon, juice and milk cooked by a talented cook staff including 2nd Counselor Mike Foley and Ward Mission Leader Steve Van Wagoner.   

The program included a lively reading of “I Yust Go Nuts at Christmas” by Brother Dick Graf; a medley of Christmas songs by our own enthusiastic Primary children and, of course, a visit from Santa Claus.  It was a fun morning and everyone went home happy!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween in the Pavilion with Friends and Candy

This year's B7 Trunk or Treat and Chili Cookoff was held on Monday, October 31 at the Manzanita Chapels pavilion.  The weather was perfect, the chili was tasty and there were lots of ward members who got into the fun dressing up as ghosts, goblins and witches, as well as excited kids of all ages seeking Halloween candy.

Young Women of Excellence

On Sunday, October 23, the Young Women of the B7 Ward gathered for an evening of celebrating experiences with the Personal Progress program.  With a theme of “Sweet is the Work,” the young women – one-by-one – shared how they had grown in their understanding of knowledge, service, individual worth, good works and virtue on their way to the Young Womanhood Award.  Sally Fraser, daughter of Steve and Jill Fraser, gave a delightful solo performance of “Press Forward” and Martha Bown gave a performance on the piano.  Laurels Grace Bown, Laura Brown and Caroline Smith reported on their efforts to help Tecia Clem fulfill the requirements of Individual Worth by attending the temple 10 times on her behalf; and Ivy Adams, daughter of Chantry Adams, was presented with her torch necklace as she transitions from Primary into the Young Women’s Program.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Cole Wilkes On to Florida

Cole Wilkes, oldest son of Rob and Chardell Wilkes 5 offspring, has been called to serve the Lord and His children in the Florida Tallahassee Mission.  He notes he is excited to serve and feels more prepared since studying more intently and watching every episode of The District before he entered the Provo MTC on Wednesday, Oct. 12.  When he submitted his mission paperwork, he said he would “go where you want me to go, Dear Lord.  Just don’t send me to Florida where there are snakes and crocodiles.”  After recovering from his surprise at being called to the Sunshine State, the 2015 Desert Hills High School graduate was told most of his mission will likely be served in Arkansas.

Possibly the first missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Florida was Phineas Young, who served a two-month mission in 1845. The first missionaries were not well-received. From 1869 to 1929 law officers met each train arriving in Tallahassee and prevented Latter-day Saint elders from getting off. As late as 1895, history notes  two elders were arrested and given the choice to leave or pay a $200 fine. In 1898, one Church congregational leader was murdered. In spite of such persecution, missionaries continued to preach in Florida. The state's first official Church congregation was created in Jefferson County in 1897. By 1904 there were 1,230 Church members in Florida.

Church growth in Florida was slow until Latter-day Saints from the West moved there, drawn by a strong commerce and the aerospace industry.

Today church membership exceeds 152,000 in 251 congregations in 5 missions and two temples are busy doing the work of salvation in Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale.