Monday, September 30, 2013

Farewell to Sister Cleo Larsen

Cleo Alena Larsen, loving wife to Garth for more than 70 years; proud mother to Deborah, Todd and Richard, her accomplished offspring; “Grandma Great” to her progeny; “Candy Lady” to neighbor and ward children; and a dedicated long time member of the Bloomington 7th Ward, returned to the loving arms of her Heavenly Father on Thursday, September 26, 2013.  For neighbors and friends who lived nearby she will also be remembered for her brisk morning walks with her pup, stopping along the way to chat with passersby to catch up on the latest news of the neighborhood.

Cleo grew up in Price, Utah – the oldest of four children – graduating from Carbon High School before meeting the love of her life in Garth Larsen who was serving in the U.S. Navy during World War II.  Cleo always took pride in her appearance, and after completing beauty school, she enjoyed the opportunity to share her knowledge to help others look their best. 

Cleo loved serving those around her – especially her family - and as an active member of the Church, she had many callings in the Young Women’s and Relief Society programs, but always said her favorite calling was that of YW Camp Director.

Cleo and Garth were married on January 2, 1943 in San Francisco.  They were sealed for eternity on June 24, 2000 in the St. George Temple.  Cleo is survived by a large family, including 10 grandchildren and 26 great grandchildren and will long be remembered by those who knew and loved her.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cubbies at Camp

Four B7 Cub Scouts attended a high energy Day Camp on September 21. The boys - Brandan Schnaubelt, Thomas Larson, Ashton Gardner and Hunter Cannon - made and launched air rockets, then made shields and swords, climbed a rock wall, played human battleship, and other activities with adult leader Roma Goldhardt trying to stay up with these lively, vivacious little guys.  It was a fun day!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Elder Woodland Heads to Twin Falls

Wesley Woodland, second of Shauna Gardner’s four sons, has been called to 2 years of fulltime service in the Idaho Twin Falls Mission, one of 58 new missions recently organized after the extraordinary response of young Latter-day Saints to the October 2012 announcement by President Thomas S. Monson lowering the age for full-time missionary service for both men and women. It is also the fourth mission in Idaho which has the third most members of the LDS Church of any U.S. state (after Utah and California) ... nearly 500,000 in more than 1000 wards and branches in the state. Is he disappointed in a call so close to his hometown?  “When I put in my papers, I really didn’t care where I served.  I only wanted to serve!” states the new young elder.  The 18-year-old entered the MTC in Provo in mid-September in final preparation for his fulltime service in the ice and snow of Idaho.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Ward Members Enjoy September Social Activities

 Members of the B7 Ward had a very busy last week.  On Monday, September 9 about 25 Empty Nesters travMembers of the B7 Ward had a very busy last week.  On Monday, September 9 about 25 Empty Nesters traveled to Pine Valley to visit Doug and Janet Labrum in their new home.  Following a delicious pot luck dinner, attendees enjoyed an historical perspective on the early days of the area by the current Pine Valley Branch President.  After he had concluded his remarks, Sister Labrum shared her vocal talents before bidding “safe travel” and “thanks for coming” to ward members.

On Saturday, September 14, members gathered again to enjoy a delicious dinner of pulled pork, rice, green salad and cookies prepared by the Bloomington 9th (Samoan) Ward.  The autumn evening also included bounce houses and a climbing wall for the kids, entertainment provided by young men and women from several of the wards, and a chance to socialize for the adults.  

Thanks to all who organized these two enjoyable events as well as those who attended.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Court of Honor Recognizes Exemplary Scouts and Scouting Program

During a Scout Court-of-Honor on Sunday, September 8, sixteen scouts in Troop 817 were awarded a total of 79 merit badges completed while they also learned about sports, crafts, science, trades, business, and future careers. These determined and hardworking scouts and the merit badges they earned toward their Eagle award are:

Cache Bertschi
animal science, camping, metalwork, rowing, search and rescue and space exploration
Matthew Clarke
Camping and hiking
Dallen Forsyth
Art, astronomy, camping, canoeing, climbing, family life, personal management, rowing, wilderness survival
Noah Forsyth
Family life
McKay Goldhardt
Astronomy, canoeing, citizenship in the community, citizenship in the nation, citizenship in the world, fishing, geocaching, landscape architect, metalwork, personal fitness, robotics, rowing, space exploration, wood carving
Adam Gwilliam
Animal science, art, astronomy, camping, climbing, metalwork, rowing, welding
Luke Gwilliam
Stephen Larson
Archery, environmental science, kayaking, rifle shooting, wood carving
Gavyn Milner
Animal science, environmental science, metalwork, rifle shooting, wood carving
Bryce Nelson
Animal science, backpacking, camping, family life, fishing, hiking
Tanner Nelson
Art, astronomy, camping, environmental science, family life, metalwork, rowing
Shane Simkins
Animal science, family life, home repairs
Jacob Stokes
Jarrett Thomas
Animal science, astronomy, environmental science, family life, metalwork, rifle shooting, weather”
Luke Wilkes
Animal science, home repairs
Wyatt Woodland
Archery, environmental science, shotgun shooting

In addition to the awarding of merit badges, there were also 14 rank advancements:

·         Dallen Forsyth, McKay Goldhardt, Adam Gwilliam, Bryce Nelson and Luke Wilkes were advanced to the rank of Life
·         Stephen Larson, Jarrett Thomas and Tanner Nelson were advanced to the rank of Star
·         Gavyn Milner was advanced from Tenderfoot and 2nd Class to 1st Class.
·         Wyatt Woodland was advanced from Tenderfoot to 2nd Class.
·         Shane Simkins was advanced to 1st Class.
Scoutmaster Matthew Chappell called this year’s Scout Camp, “one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.  We have great leaders and great boys.  I asked all of them how many of you want to go all the way to an Eagle.  I’m willing to give them the opportunity to achieve it, but they know they will have to earn it.”  He also expressed his appreciation for the Bishop, Brs. Stephen, Larson, Gwilliam, Nelson, Foley and Warner and for all the merit badge counselors in the ward who have willingly accepted assignments to help the boys complete merit badges.
Venture Crew Chief James Bertschi shared his pride in the older boys who voted to camp with the younger scouts.  “They didn’t have to do it … and they sacrificed a lot of creature comforts through their decision but the end result was amazing as the older boys mentored and built strong bonds with the younger boys.  I was so proud of the way they behaved and the example they set.  They were proper when they needed to be proper and leaders when they needed to lead … and we all lived through it!”

Special recognition included the Award of the Buffalo in commemoration of the 100-year Anniversary of the partnership established in 1913 between The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Boy Scouts of America.
·         Stetson Jones
·         Jacob Smith
·         Tanner Nelson
·         Warner Brown
·         Haus Jones
·         Jarrett Thomas
·         Mitchell Smith
·         Cache Bertschi
·         Gavyn Milner
·         Matthew Clarke
·         Wyatt Woodland
·         McKay Goldhardt
·         Stephen Larson
·         Christian Goldhardt

Each recipient must have completed the requirements for this unique award at a BSA camp, to have read the History of Scouting in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – the first chartered organization in Scouting - and discussed with a leader five significant dates in the history of the Church and Scouting; talk with their leaders about how preparation at Scout Camp will prepare him to serve a full-time mission; and to select at least 3 special electives.

The “On My Honor” youth award, the BSA religious award for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is awarded at the discretion of the Bishop.  Recipients must have earned at least a Star Rank, be worthy, completed at least the Deacon Duty to God requirements or equivalent, and have demonstrated through their actions and deeds an understanding of priesthood duties.  Recipients were:

·         Matthew Clarke
·         Jacob Stokes
·         Mitchell Smith
·         Warner Brown
·         Cole Wilkes
·         Haus Jones
·         Christian Goldhardt
·         Stetson Jones

Adult leaders were also recognized with the “On My Honor” award.  Also under the discretion and direction of the Bishop, recipients must have at least three years of service in Scouting or Cub Scouting, be fully trained and continue to participate in training activities and involvement, be worthy, and have demonstrated the important of being an activity arm of the Aaronic Priesthood and making Priesthood a central focus with Scouting.  Recipients are:
             Roma Goldhardt                                                               Steve Gwilliam
             Claude Warner                                                                 Matthew Chappell
             Boyd Kanenwisher 

Varsity Scout Leader Boyd Kanenwisher noted, “through every scout’s effort, we became a team rather than a troop.  Varsity scouting is an unknown quantity … it is anticipated all the boys will have completed their merit badge requirements before they get to us so our focus is on completing the requirements to become an Eagle.  But the boys also plan and participate in a high adventure camp and in sports and activities.  Because they plan it, we either have some great activities … or nothing at all.”
The Bishop expressed his gratitude to Roy Stephen, who he called “an invaluable asset to scouting … a man who has a passion – not just an enthusiasm, but a real passion – for scouting.”  Since he has already received every award in scouting, the Bishop presented Brother Stephen with a copy of the commemorative book Scouting: A Century of Honor to show his – and every scouts – appreciation for his efforts in supporting the program.

And two more awards … Steve Gwilliam received the Silver Spatula award for his amazing Mountain Man breakfast (“oh, yum” said the boys), his homemade ice cream (“mmmmmmmm” was the unanimous response) and his Dutch oven peach cobbler (“yes, yes, yes,” the boys agreed).  In return Brother Gwilliam presented each scout with ashes from the last campfire of scout camp … a tradition which dates back to Baden Powell, who founded the scouting program.  Legend has it that Lord Baden Powell would always take a small amount of cool ashes from the campfire from the night before and spread them into the first campfire of the next camp gathering.  Its purpose, he said, was to keep the spirit of the first campfire alive forever … and to remind the boys a campfire is a special time of fellowship, spirituality and good fun!

And, Sister Pat Chappell was recognized as the Life to Eagle Scout Czar and for her more than 100 hours of service to scouting since being called as Advancement Chairman in July!!!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Cub Scouts Rocket Launch

On August 22, the B7 Cub Scouts had a rocking good time when they gathered for their monthly Pack Meeting and rocket launch.  Rockets made by the boys and their leaders – Roma Goldhardt, Susan Foley, Lauri Hafen and Linda Felder, who has now moved from the ward but deserves HUGE credit for working to help Scott Stokes organize this event to earn his Webelos badge.  Also worthy of a big pat on the back is Aaron Larson who acted as a fearless and determined leader of the recovery crew.  The rockets were created from empty 2-liter soda bottles, decorated then partially filled with water and air, pumped in to a certain pressure.  When the owner pulled the rip cord in the church parking lot, his rocket whooshed, whizzed and zoomed into the stratosphere.  The purpose of the event was to help a Cub Scout earn his Webelos badge but the result of the activity was pure, memorable fun for everyone who participated!!! 

Monday, September 2, 2013

до свидания, Sister Becker

Toshiko Agnes Leilani Becker (daughter of Adolph and Taj Becker serving in the Russia Moscow Mission August 2013 – February 2015) started seriously wondering about serving a mission in middle school, and at some point in high school decided it was something she wanted to do.  However, between high school and her first semester at BYU thoughts of a mission slowly faded and were crowded out by school, the fun of living on her own for the first time, and just enjoying college in general.  When the ground-breaking age announcement was made by President Thomas S. Monson in the October 2012 General Conference she notes, “I was shocked.  I knew I had to go, but fought that knowledge for a while.  Leaving everything I had been looking forward to for so long held very little appeal to me.  Finally, I started my papers and received my call.  After an April Fool’s joke which involved my parents thinking I would be one of the first missionaries in China (they’re still forgiving me for that), I opened my real call to Moscow, Russia.  For perhaps the first time in my life, I was utterly speechless.  I felt totally inadequate.  I knew nothing of the language, and little of their history.  I have no Russian ancestry, or any other overt thing to recommend me as a Russian missionary.  How could I teach the gospel of Christ in broken Russian, and manage to convey the simple beauty of the Atonement and the pure love of Heavenly Father?”  On August 28, Sister Becker entered the MTC in Provo for 9 weeks of language training before flying off to Moscow – one of 7 missions in the country – where fulltime missionaries first served in 1990 and where nearly 22,000 Russians are now members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.