Thursday, February 26, 2015

Primary Girls an Active Bunch

Gracie Green, Sarah Larson, Rachel Long and a friend
share snacks after creating Valentines at February Activity Day.
Emma Alldredge shows her Valentine (center), Martha Bown threads her Valentine with ribbon and
Sally Fraser (standing) serves snacks, 

while Meg Fraser and her friend continue working on their Activity Days project.
In February the Activity Day girls wrote what qualities each likes best in a person. Then, each girl thought of a person who best embodies those characteristics and created a handmade Valentine to give to him or her. Martha Bown played “Choose the Right” as we sang the song, discussed the lyrics and talked about the choices each of us makes every day.
Primary Activity Days in the B7 Ward are fun and entertaining activities held twice a month for girls, ages 8 - 11 with a focus on building testimonies, strengthening families, and fostering unity and personal growth; and, which support the work done at home by children and parents to fulfill Faith in God requirements.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bishopric Seamlessly Reorganized

The Bloomington 7th Ward bishopric was seamlessly reorganized on Sunday, February 22 when James Bertschi was released and Jason Schall was sustained as 2nd Counselor to Bishop Mike Bair with Boyd Kanenwisher remaining as 1st Counselor.  The Bertschi's, who recently purchased a home outside the ward boundaries, will be very much missed after four years in the ward, but, while Brother Schall has big shoes to fill, the Lord, the members of the B7 Ward and the entire Schall family know he is up to the task.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Jorah Morris is the Newest Member of the B7 Ward

Jorah Vaughn Morris, 8-year-old son of Robert Craig (“RC”) and Julare Morris, stepped into the waters of baptism at the Bloomington Stake Center on Saturday, February 21 to take his place among the members of the B7 Ward and the full membership of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  

Grandpa Morris bore testimony of the importance of this day reminding Jorah of the two reasons why we are baptized:  because it is a requirement to be able to return to live forever with our Heavenly Father and because it is the way in which we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. 

Sister Julare Morris taught her son - and those in attendance at the baptismal service - of the importance of the Holy Ghost, reminding him the Holy Ghost is the 3rd member of the Godhead, but he is also a guide, comforter, testifier, leaves impressions in our heart and mind and “will help you choose the right throughout your lifetime.”

Spiritually well-prepared by his parents and dedicated Primary teachers for this important day in his life, Jorah also had his father's hands laid upon his head to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost by those who hold the power and authority of the Melchizedek priesthood.

Congratulations, Jorah ... for setting an example for your younger brother and little sister and on your decision to follow the Savior's example.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Young Women Embark on a Journey thru Personal Progress

Young Women of the B7 Ward invited Sally Fraser, Martha Bown and Emma Schnaubelt to “Embark Ye on a Journey Through Personal Progress” at a gathering at the chapel on Wednesday, February 18 for the 2015 New Beginnings program.  YW President Jill Fraser reminded those present how “life changes and there will always be stormy times.  The Personal Progress program is inspired and will help us get through those storms in our lives by helping us develop the skills we need.”  Liz Larson, who earned her Young Woman Recognition Award this year, shared her testimony of “the 5 reasons to love Personal Progress":

1.  This program can change the world when an army of righteous young women do what’s right
2.  This program can change YOU!
3.  This program is designed for those who are too busy because everything required to achieve your goals goes hand-in-hand with the program … it is already part of your life
4.  This program leads to the temple
5.  This program will help you reach your dreams … helps you develop good habits and provides opportunities for new experiences

Also participating in the program were Lori Bair, Caroline Bown, Jillian Thomas, Caroline Smith, Caroline Bown, Sage Wilkes, Aspen Bair, Cara Bair, Grace Bown, Melissa Larson, Aspen Erskine and Sister Anderson, President Bown and Bishop Bair.  Thanks to Summer Simkins for the invitations, Joy Alldredge for the decorations and Lori Bair for the refreshments.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

B7 Primary Re-organized

On Sunday, February 15, members of the B7 Ward sustained a new Primary presidency including Wendy Johnston (seated) as President (see 9/12/2014 blog post introducing the Johnstons who are new members of the ward).  Kam Capik (middle back and another fairly new member of the ward) was called to serve as 1st Counselor with Lynda Hallman (left) as 2nd Counselor and Suzie Long (right) as Secretary. B7 ward members also extended a vote of thanks for the hard work and dedication of outgoing Primary President Shar Simkins who has led the Primary for more than 3 years, working side-by-side with 1st Counselor  Lori Schall, 2nd Counselor Anne Bertschi and Secretary Chardell Wilkes.

The Primary organization of the Church has the responsibility, in Sunday meetings and weekday activities, of helping more than 2 million children learn the gospel of Jesus Christ, live gospel principles, make and keep baptismal covenants, build strong, enduring testimonies and to prepare boys to receive the Aaronic Priesthood and girls to become righteous young women.