Sunday, August 28, 2011

Geology Field Trip

The Seasoned Singles of Bloomington 7th and friends, had the opportunity yesterday to participate in a educational Field trip taught by Bro. Steed, a geologist and professor.

Bro. Steed prepared a route and made arrangements for rides to take the members in the mountains high above Cedar City.  There we learned about the Clarion Lake, conglomerate, coalescing sink holes, solution caves, vesicular lava, hoodoos, as well as many other details about how and when these formations and events took place.

Some of our stops on our geological tour were:
Navajo Lake
Ice Lake
Mammoth Caves
Mammoth Springs
Cedar Breaks

Thunder could be heard rolling in the distance but kept at bay during the picnic lunch provided by Valerie Swanson and the other sisters.  We were treated to some entertaining cowboy poetry and great company.

It was an educational, enjoyable day for all who attended.  Many thanks to those who participated and organized this wonderful event.  Thank you especially to Bro. Steed for sharing his wealth of knowledge and time as well as Sis. Swanson for her fried chicken and shepherding skills.