Wednesday, October 22, 2014

YW in Excellence Showcases Talent and Testimony

“Drops of Awesome,” the theme for the Young Women in Excellence program held on Tuesday, October 22, reminded Beehives, Mia Maids and Laurels of the importance of “positive self talk” and “acknowledging the good you do every day – for the world would have you think otherwise.”

Cathy Ford, a singer, songwriter, professional film/commercial/musical theater actress and model, wife and mother of 8, shared her life experience growing up as “the only brown girl in my school.  My mother was Filipino, my father was Caucasian and I didn’t know who I was but our spirits long to know and understand who we are. And, the teenage years steal our identity.”  Many things make us question who we are:  our desire to be popular, and issues relating to clothing, dating, language, divine roles and identity and role models in the media.  “As a professional, I can tell you what you see on television or in the movies … none of it is real.”  She went on to say, “65% of our ‘self talk’ is negative and only 4% of women around the world think they are beautiful.  Why is that?  Because Satan is trying to convince you, you have no worth.  We are so good at being hard on ourselves, but we are amazing, awesome and our Heavenly Father’s most divine creation.”

Tiana Schall shared her beautiful voice with a performance of “It’s Your Time.”

YW President Cheryl Kanenwisher ended the evening by inviting each girl to come forward and put a few drops of water into a large bowl … promising when everyone had participated the bowl would be full.  Each girl was to share “one positive thing you have done today.” Those small drops of awesome included saying hello to someone in the hallways at school, reading scriptures, showing up for volleyball practice and helping a family member complete a task … but the bowl was not full.  Then Sister Kanenwisher brought forward a pitcher of water labeled “The Atonement” reminding the girls “we’re not perfect but we can do all things with our Savior by our side."

The meeting ended with refreshments and the presentation of a small journal for each girl to record "My Drops of Awesome ... by small means great things are brought to pass and buckets are filled."   The Young Women also had displays representing their lives and interests.  It was a beautiful and inspirational evening